Re: A few random notes...

> At 09:18 AM 6/26/2000 , you wrote:
> >         And if you're a programmer, I've been thinking that we'll 
> > probably want
> >to start looking at designing some systems to monitor and interface with
> >various parts of the autonomous house. Some of this will be device-drivers, 
> to
> >interface with things like the power system, water pumps, water level 
> >monitors,
> >temperature monitors, lighting, etc.
> >         This should be open-source based stuff, and probably run through 
> > a Linux
> >or *BSD system.
> I am a great believer is distributed processing.  Rather than a central box 
> with the necessary interfaces and drivers, build a generic device and give 
> it a very simple job to do.  It handles local conditions and passes along 
> information and receives commands as needed.  There are several SBCs on the 
> market that do the job nicely.
> I have spent many years in embedded real time device controllers.  With 
> computing power getting cheaper all the time, distributing that makes more 
> sense.
> Don Bowen			donb at cts dot com
> Valley Center, CA		Senior Software Engineer
> Internet development and software engineering
	OK, I'm certainly open to other views on this. I recognize the 
inherent strength of distributed computing, and it seems like a great idea. 
However, it also seems useful to have some sort of coordination in place, 
which is probably likely to be a centralized server/box. 

	I think we'll probably head towards a Bluetooth system 
( ) which has many small systems all in communication 
with each other. 


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