Re: A few random notes...

> > I am a great believer is distributed processing.  Rather than a 
> central box 
> > with the necessary interfaces and drivers, build a generic device 
> and give 
> > it a very simple job to do.  It handles local conditions and 
> > 
> 	OK, I'm certainly open to other views on this. I recognize 
> the 
> inherent strength of distributed computing, and it seems like a 
> great idea. 
> However, it also seems useful to have some sort of coordination in 
> place, 
> which is probably likely to be a centralized server/box. 

My personal view is to have a single machine, probably more powerful
than the others, acting to coordinate efforts.  I envision the following
scenario.  By making it reactive, rather than proactive, the programming
is greatly simplified.

Predictable events -- it warms up after sunrise -- could be done

Multi zone thermostats.

Kitchen thermostat sends signal, Yoo Hoo!  It's too hot!

Msg received at server.  Server polls other temperature modules for
current temperature conditions within house.

Others return signal for OK...overall temperature is fine.

Server polls photocells to determine natural light levels in house.  
Reducing kitchen light below current levels is undesirable -- next step 
in tree.

Server polls outdoor thermometer, to determine most effective way to
remove heat from kitchen area.

Outdoor thermometer returns value...program traverses decision tree.

Only kitchen vents are opened, fans are turned on to exhaust hot air
from only kitchen area.

Kitchen thermostat sends new signal, indicating OK.

Do you think this is a reasonable way to approach the problem?  It's a
very generic way to do something like this...  Decision trees are simple
to program, and maintain.

     -- Chuck Knight
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