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Maybe you can offer some ideas of a dome project I'm thinking about. The issue is
using metal plates as the connectors and how to make them. The plates need  to be
made conical at angles required for a certain dome. There is slight variation of
strut to plate mating angle, but if there is some flexibility in the cone-plate
that should not be a problem. The dome is the 4 fr. icosa type. The shallow angle
of the cone-plate is about 9 degrees. It would be made from aluminum sheet and
drilled for attaching aluminum hollow tubes. There would be regular hexagon and
pentagon plates, or all round, punched or cut from the sheet, about 5" - 6"
diameter. How would one  go about adding the cone feature to a flat sheet? I would
like to do it on my 40 ton press if possible. Star Plates that make 1 fr.icosa
domes are similar, stampled from round steel plates, at a sharper angle.
I've noticed that on some of the very large domes (sports arena) aluminum H beams
connector plates on both sides of the H make the connection with 4 or more
fasteners at each beam end. The connection angle is so slight it is not even
Another interesting method for tube connections is on the Cinesphere dome. Even
with a close up view I could not determine exactly how it was done. -

Don Bowen wrote:

> This is another list I recently joined because of the description.  I am
> interested in alternate living even though it has been years since I have
> become mainstream.  It seems that I have too much stuff now days.
> I have a woodworking shop and a good start on a metal shop.  I can build
> just about anything and have the necessary tools to repair just about
> anything.  My interests are beekeeping, gardening, woodworking, reading,
> and working on machines.  There is a 1936 Farmall waiting an engine and a
> 1966 Corvair waiting complete restoration.  That is why I have too much stuff.
> Don Bowen                       donb at cts dot com
> Valley Center, CA               Senior Software Engineer
> Internet development and software engineering

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