Stamped hub plates (was: intro)

Ernie wrote:

> Maybe you can offer some ideas of a dome project I'm thinking about.
> The issue is using metal plates as the connectors and how to make
> them. The plates need to be made conical at angles required for a
> certain dome. There is slight variation of strut to plate mating
> angle, but if there is some flexibility in the cone-plate that
> should not be a problem. The dome is the 4 fr. icosa type. The 
> shallow angle of the cone-plate is about 9 degrees. It would be made
> from aluminum sheet and drilled for attaching aluminum hollow tubes.
> There would be regular hexagon and pentagon plates, or all round,
> punched or cut from the sheet, about 5" - 6" diameter. How would one 
> go about adding the cone feature to a flat sheet?

Ernie, since you're dealing with predetermined angles, couldn't these 
just be stamped? It sounds like the kind of work routinely done by the 
metal fabricators our company uses, Wrico Stamping, in North Carolina. 
There's another one we use, in Tennessee: Axis Fabrication.

When you say "regular" hexagons, do you mean that the hexes are all the 
same, or that the angles are all the same? (I don't see how they could 
be. For a 4v dome, there should be, what... 3 different hexagons?) Or 
simply that the differences between angles are slight enough that they 
are negligible or are somehow compensated for by the struts...?


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