Re: Review: "The History (and Mystery) of the Universe" (A Play)

Wish I lived closer, or owned a private jet.  :-)  I'd even buy you a
ticket, Pat. But since neither of those things are true, just let me know if
there is a video. That, I could afford.


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> I just went to see this play with some friends on Tues, July 11, 2000 in
> Francisco, CA. It's a one-man-show featuring the works and thoughts of
> Fuller, as performed by Ron Campbell and Written/Directed by D.W. Jacobs.
> details (currently) at: )
> Overall, I found the show to be fantastic. Primarily because of the ideas
> presented, and the way in which they were presented. Ron plays Bucky,
> narrating his own life-story, and introducing folks to the Big Picture, as
> well as the Small Details that make Bucky so fascinating.
> One of the things I found very rewarding was the way in which Ron
> Bucky. He really had the mannerisms and linguistic patterns down quite
> His diction was clear, and more easily understandable than Bucky tends to
be in
> his older years, as shown in various videos and recordings. Yet Ron
manages to
> also convey the style and feel of Bucky in a very real and believable way.
> Having never seen Bucky talk live, I have only the audio
> recordings and videos to go by, but I could completely identify with the
> characterization. In fact, at numerous times, I found myself quite happy
> "let go" and just "be" at a Bucky lecture. I understood that it was a
> performer, but the message was true, the pacing was true, and even the
> came across, so it was quite a realistic experience.
> The scope that was covered was also impressive. It hit upon all the major
> points of Bucky's teaching. Certainly, while it was only 2 or 2.5 hours,
> thus much shorter than a typical Bucky lecture (*grin*), it did hit on
many of
> his major areas and interests.
> The show is very info-dense. Even though I implicitly understood almost
> everything that was being said (after having studied him for close to a
> years) I still found myself "glazing over" at times, due to the sheer
> of the ideas presented. This is a show I could happily see twice, or even
> three times, without a problem. If there is a video, I'd most likely buy
> (even though I already own 5 Bucky vids.)
> (If you're planning to attend this show, let me know. Only a very slight
bit of
> arm-twisting will convince me to go again, and again.)
> Also of note, on the 4 Sundays of this plays' Run (Jul 16, 23, 30, and
> Aug 6), there will be afternoon seminars featuring Allegra Fuller Snyder
> (Bucky's Daughter), Jaime Snyder (Bucky's Grandson), Victoria Vesna, Jay
> Baldwin (Author of "BuckyWorks" and student of Bucky's), and Richard
> Full details are available on the Foghouse site.
> Overall, I found the show to be quite a wonderful evening. Obviously, I'm
> biased, being a Bucky-fan, but at the same time, I'd like to think of
myself as
> a connoisseur of Bucky-related things, and having seen numerous videos and
> films of him, as well as listening to him on various audio recordings and
> having read about 20 of his books, I really must commend Ron Campbell on
> portrayal. He really does seem to capture it. (Of course, for those of you
> who've actually seen Bucky live, I'd love to hear your perceptions...)
> In short, here's my recommendation:
> If you're a Bucky-head:
> -And you live within 100 miles radius of San Francisco, you should be
> at this show. No questions asked.
> -Within 250 miles, you should seriously consider taking a long weekend
> or something similar and coming to see this show.
> -Outside of 250 miles, you should either be planning a rather devoted
> trip, or be supremely jealous. :-)
> If you're not a Bucky-head, but are curious, then see above, just subtract
> fanatical devotion. :-) It will be well worth the journey.
> Pat
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