Re: Stamped hub plates (was: intro)

> Since this is likely a one time dome, actually a full sphere, I do 
> not want
> to spend a lot of money on tooling up for a mass production item. 
> That
> would be good though for something more universal in application, 
> like
> various dome types that could be made from the adjustable cone 
> connector
> design you have.

Ernie -- what angles are we talking about?  I don't have the tables in 
front of me.

If the angles are shallow enough, it might be possible for you to stamp
a "daisy" shape...with the petals separate, they'd be free to bend the
2 or 3 degrees each, that's necessary.

If it's more like 10 degrees each, a stamped hub would be more

> for error (maybe I can plan in room for error!). The more I can do 
> myself
> the better, but thinking of getting a machinst/fabricator to weld a
> stamping form; universal for a 4v dome, taken from  angles averaged, 

You should be able to stamp them on your press, given an appropriate

I saw a "die forming" tutorial on one of the jewelrymaking sites...same
principle should apply.  I'll see if I can find the URL for you...maybe I

bookmarked it. looks right...I'm not online right this
second, or I'd make sure.

     -- Chuck Knight
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