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Brian, welcome from another father of five eclectic unschoolers who likes
science, and domes. We're in Southwest Washington state. If you're
interested in a fun unschooling list, try the UL,
unschooling-list at ctel dot net dot  Send a message to Majordomo at ctel dot net  In the
body write: subscribe unschooling-list Your Name. Anyway, back on topic...
I'm working on a design for a geodesic dome built of panels made from steel
mesh and foamed or aerated concrete. Light-weight and well insulated. I
like octahedral domes because you can build a quarter, half, three-quarter
or full dome, and combine them with other shapes to get real interesting
geometric effects.

Welcome again,

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: Hi everyone,
: I'm brand new to this list. I live in Lompoc CA, and commute 60 miles
: each way to and from work (my "day" job) in Santa Barbara. I'm 42, and I
: have a wife and 4 children. By the end of the year, I'll have 5 kids, if
: all goes well. I ride a commuter bus for that commute for two reasons: I
: hate driving, I can do something else with that time (I love to read),
: and I think it is good to support public transportation. And it's
: cheaper. O.K., four reasons!
: No, I did not set out to singlehandedly populate the Earth. But I love
: and enjoy each and every one of my children. Parents out there will know
: what "unconditional love" means.
: We homeschool in an eclectic unschooling manner that seems to revolve
: quite a bit around Girl Scout activities. My three oldest are all girls.
: They are constantly terrorized by their 2 1/2 year old brother.
: My oldest girl was accepted to go to Lake Michigan in the fall as a
: "Wider Opportunity" in Girl Scouts. We are way behind in our fundraising
: - any ideas? She may not be able to go unless we do something quick!
: I have always been interested in science. I work (day job again) as an
: optical engineer. My true calling is hobby science, for which I long ago
: started a supply company, URL below. It is doing pretty well now, so in
: a year or so I think I'll be able to drop the 60 mile commute and work
: from home full time.
: I am interested in building my own home. There's a good old book called
: "Your Engineered House" that really inspired me. But I am also
: interested in less permanent structures. Specifically geodesic domes and
: other tent like structures. I am also interested in alternative energy,
: human and solar powered conveyances (I need the exercise anyway ;) ) and
: exactly how to efficiently cool a dome tent in the heat of the desert.
: Why the desert? Because I want to buy some land some day, and that's
: probably all I'll be able to afford!
: I'm a wannabe Burning Man participant, but I've never made it out there.
: I don't like direct sunlight - I much prefer a shady spot.
: I like to make things, I have a large collection of technology bits and
: pieces. It's been a dream of mine to open a small science museum,
: perhaps near a major highway, and colocated with a campground so people
: can spend a few days there and not pay a fortune to do so.
: One of the most interesting authors I've been reading lately is Bruce
: Sterling. His novel "Distraction" is awesome, but all of his works have
: something that tickles me. It is all near-term Science Fiction, which I
: like a lot. I believe the likes of [s.f. author Vernor] Vinge who tell
: us we are heading for a technological singularity, beyond which point
: all bets are off. I hope we make it through as a species. If I was
: younger I would probably study molecular engineering, because that is
: going to be where talented folks will be able to make huge
: contributions. On of the neat things Sterling folded into Distraction
: was this wired nomad culture. They were doing incredible things with
: native materials - computer cases made from compressed plant fibers;
: ultralight aircraft running on alcohol from fermented silage, homebrew
: hacks to photosynthesis to turn it into a real power source, etc. I
: wanna do that!
: Actually, any burning at all, unless it's hydrogen, releases CO2 into
: the atmosphere. That is good for plant life, but not necessarily good
: for coastal communities. I believe we will be living with the results of
: the greenhouse effect sooner than we think. I think it is ultimately
: survivable, especially if you like warm weather (I don't).
: Back to domes. Do any of you know of any multi-layer dome structures? I
: think a double-walled dome, with reflecting mylar on the outside, would
: insulate really well. maybe put bubble pack in the space between the
: layers to kill the convection. Maybe someone makes aluminized bubble
: pack sheeting? Maybe I ought to read the FAQ if there is one.
: Is there anyone near me who has a dome they made, that i might visit? I
: wouldn't take up much of your time. I'd also like any URLs from list
: members.
: Anyway, I am looking forward to learning from you guys. Talk soon!
: -Brian
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: Brian Wesley Rich
: Santa Barbara Science

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