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On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 09:26:37AM -0500, J. Michael Rowland wrote:
> Pat wrote:
> > An octet-truss floor would do well in there, and if you
> > wanted to go even crazier in your demonstration of the
> > principles of tensegrity, you could make the masts
> > themselves out of tensegrity masts, so your larger
> > structure is supported by a mast made up of discontinuous
> > compression members. Talk about a light and airy structure!
> Absolutely! 
> I'm very attracted to the idea that large members can be fabricated from
> collections of smaller members. Often, large members are cost-prohibitive,
> while many small similarly-shaped pieces can be had practically for free.
> jmr
	This fact was once more driven home for me yesterday. I, my brother,
Bob, and my girlfriend, Stacie, all went to Fort Point, San Francisco. It's 
this old Civil War era fort that is built directly underneath the southern 
(city-side) footing of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. To be more
precise, the Golden Gate Bridge was built directly over it. :-)
	We were up on the ramparts of Fort Point yesterday, and standing
directly under this gigantic bridge, which was made up of a huge trusswork,
which was made up of fairly large trussed beams, which were individually
made up from fairly small (you could hold them in one hand) steel bars, all
welded together. 
	I was reminded of that drawing Bucky did in Synergetics (1 or 2,
I'm not sure. Possibly 2.) of the reduction of a large tensegrity sphere
made up of tensegrity masts, which were themselves made up of miniature
tensegrity masts. It seemed very much like that.  

	Stacie took a lot of pictures there, yesterday. I'll try to get
some scanned in once they're developed, and put them up on the website. 

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