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Post script to previous....
    I ....didn't build the house in question, was just called in to try to
repair the house....Don't want THAT one on my resume'JJ

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> They find a way into the concrete /foam combo....Seen it before, and the
> pest control people can't get to em once they get in. You're right
> Ernie...they like the insulation too but given the choice they build HUGE
> colonies in the foam under the concrete exterior before they start on the
> wiring. Amdro didn't even get them. Customer is thinking about abandoning
> the house. The exterior of the home had litlle neat piles of styrofoam
> around the base in about 250 spots. Customer was pretty hacked.. JJ
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> > Torus: Not as space efficient as a dome, but it has some fun
> > applications. For instance, a home with a center courtyard or garden.
> >
> > Also shows oblate and prolate elipse domes.
> > A search for 'fire ants' on the site came up blank. I was curious since
> > they are near Waxahatchie where the super-collider ("atom smasher") was
> > being built and they had some fire ant problems with that failed effort.
> > Ants were eating the plastic wire insulation if I remember right.
> > Ernie
> >

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