Re: Mobile domes, bugs and other topics

Yes! I was reading in Discover Magazine. It's being developed by Graf
Zeppelin in Germany. (Yes, the company still exists!) Go to and select issues for 2000,
go down to November, and click on _Dirigibles on the Rise_. No pictures,
but you may find a copy of the November 2000 issue at your local library.
It has some great pics!


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: Has anybody heard something about a dirgible type heavy lifter in
: or construction. I seem to rememeber hearing about that. Wouldn't that be
: cool. Build one(dome) here at my shop/plant and deliver it with plug in
: essentials. JJ
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: > Hi all,
: >   A number of assorted comments here:
: >
: > Mobile domes
: > Pat - interesting idea using aircraft to relocate.  I don't want to be
: > negative, but I think it has one downside - independence and
: > availability.  There are a lot of places that will rent me a truck, or
: > people that will haul for hire.  I'm not sure how easy it will be to
: > find a "lift" for my dome when I want to move it.  Even though ground
: > is less elegant, being able to take my dome down with my own two hands
: > (and maybe some help), pack it up, move it and reassemble has its
: > appeal too.  Thanks to Conroy and Martin for telling us more about
: > modular domes. I'm going to look into that more.
: >
: > Unschoolers
: >  Hmm...With a mix of kids, one could have a one dome schoolhouse.  :-)
: >
: > Ants and foam
: > In an earlier posting I mentioned my reading on Structural Insulated
: > Panels. I was surprised to find that they could have insect problems,
: > whether polyurethane or polystyrene.  What they suggest is good
: > building envelope sealing and some treatments in the material. I think
: > they suggested Borax, but if anyone wants details, I'll go look it up.
: > I do know that steamed bonemeal works great around the home (ants hate
: > the stuff), but have no idea if its any good for fire ants. (Also,
: > with this mad cow disease and related stuff, I don't even know what is
: > really safe to use anymore.) I am also aware of some simple electric
: > shock methods that have been used to wipe out whole ant nests. I think
: > it worked fine when introduced, but never really caught on.  I don't
: > know if it really makes sense, but if one had a "bug zapper" of sorts
: > built into the structure at critical areas, it might provide some
: > relief.   Could beat abandoning your home to the ants.  I suspect a
: > simple solar electric fence charger could run the whole thing, even
: > for off-gridders.
: >
: > Cheers  -Dan G.
: >
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