Fire ants

>You've never dealt with fire ants, have you?  We're plagued
>with the buggers here in Texas.
>Imagine being stung by a wasp...but tiny.  Now, have it happen
>100 times, since they move in swarms and will attack your legs
>The stings hurt like the dickens, then burn like acid, then swell,
>and then itch until you scratch yourself bloody.  I can definitely
>understand abandoning a "hopelessly" infested house.
>And don't even get me started on chiggers...  :-)
>     -- Chuck Knight

The electrocutor I mentioned supposedly took advantage of their
unually agressive nature.  This thing called the Yardvark was an
electrocutor coil on a stake. The idea was to put the thing in the
ground, right in the nest. When the ants came up to remove it , the
shocked ones went coo-coo and started fighting with the others. Soon
the area looks like the aftermath of a medival battle.  Not of much
use in a pasture, of course, if it has to be plugged in.  I did try
one once when I lived in NM for some ant nests around the house, and
it pretty well did the job.  I realize this is no easy problem, but I
did wonder if this approach would be useful in special situations -
like maybe around the house.  It isn't too much crazier than the guy
who kills termites with cold air - since its heavier than warm air, it
sinks until it finds the queen and freezes her.  Believe it or not,
since the technique is intended to kill a pest, it had to be
registered with the EPA.  In any case, I don't know if the
electrocutor didn't catch on because it doesn't work, due to
inconvenience, or due to factors other than performance.  If I had
'em, I'd be game to try any cure that was not worse than the


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