Re: starplates - lumber connectors

Hi all,
  I've looked at the starplates, which seemed rather limited at first.
Then I realized that you could get other axial angles out of them if
you either put a shim wedge between the plate and the lumber to
increase the angle, or shave the lumber to decrease the angle.
   Later, I found a few companies that make various "gazebo" plates.
They are often 6 or 8 strut hubs, but I don't find 5's like the
starplate.  They aren't real cheap either. However, USP and Simpson
sell some you might want to look at.  With the right combination of
plates, one could make about any dome you want, not just a 1 frequency

-Dan G.

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>Sorry no pictures for a while because of my antiquated equipment. You
>have to have a small car to use it for a carport. Like an Austin

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