V-Plate Hubs

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V Plate Connectors

In a hexagon center you have 6 V plates
In a pentagon center you have 5 V Plates

A V plate is simply a piece of steel , let's say 1/4" thick in the width of
the strut used , let's say a 2 x 6 which would use a 6" wide v- plate and it
is 8" long and has 4 holes drilled in it.

Now the ends of 2 plates must be cut off at a 12 degree angle. Then the
plates are set in a jig and welded. This forms the plate component to fit the
vertex junction. As the dome is assembled the plates form a complete ring of
steel at each vertex

Note that this method can be used in very large structures and provides for
maximum strength.

The method described is for a 3 frequency dome generated from an iscohedron

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P.S. I'm sorry if this information offends anyone in any way - I found it
relevant to the article on star plates .

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