Re: V-Plate Hubs

> Click here: Sea Treck Geodesic Domes & Kit Homes
> P.S. I'm sorry if this information offends anyone in any way - I found it
> relevant to the article on star plates .

No offense at all -- and I wish to personally apologize if
*I* made you uncomfortable at all.  It's just that with the
recent influx of spam messages, even a dome company's
advertisements were "pushing it."
A link in your .sig is a far cry from a blatant advertisement.
Now...down to business...
The star plate design is ingenious -- have you ever considered
a design that didn't require welding?  Your triangular plates
could be edge joined with bolts, and still provide a strong
A "proposed" design that I saw years ago, was for a triangular
plate that overlapped its neighbor slightly, and had "slots" for
bolt holes.  Overlap the plates, bolt them together, and you
have a good connection.
Since the hubs don't hold the struts in place, a flexible
connection is also viable -- why weld it in place when
you don't need to?
Perhaps a series of plates (5 and 6 are needed) which
could be joined at a central point with something like an
eye bolt, and pinned together with a simple bolt through
the "hole."
     -- Chuck Knight

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