Re: V-Plate Hubs

domesteading-request at sculptors dot com  Fri Jul 13 23:06:23 2001 wrote:

> Each connector "plate" could posess an offset and place
> the strut in the same plane, despite the exact position
> of the eye bolt.
> Think about it.  Let's take a 2x4 as an example.  We
> could stack up to 3.75" of connector thickness, each
> with a unique offset, and still maintain a functionally
> "flat" connector.

Chuck, I designed an easily-fabricated hub that has no net offset. It's a
single metal piece that can be stamped and folded; fit six of them together
to make a hex hub; fit five of them together to make a pent hub. They will
accommodate any incidental angle, therefore any frequency spherical geodesic
or non-spherical shape. They can be used to connect pipes or dimensional
lumber, or, I assume, anything in between. The hub connection is rigid.

A user doesn't have to pre-measure or cuts angles in the material; only
build a jig with the correct incidental angle and use it to bolt the members
together; or a jig to mark the members, and they can be bolted together and
tightened in place.

Drawings are viewable at:


I'm talking with a metal fabricator about making prototypes.


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