I am Chris Hansen of Chandler(Phoenix Metro), Arizona.  I have a wife and
son(11).  Professionally I'm a unix sysadmin.

I just read the entire archive.  And I have comments/questions.

First Pat I am impressed by your goals.

I am a greedier sort, and want freedom from the grid for ME, but perhaps
these are complementary goals.

And everyone else I am pleased to have found such a bright, ecletic group.

There was a long thread on advertising, me driving a porche/rolls/cray
because I don't have to pay rent/morgage/power/sewage/etc. will be an
advertizement to anyone that sees me.  And it means I can afford to buy my
sister and son their own domes, my sister the school teacher driving a
porche is even better advertizing.

There were several long threads on connectors, that's useful to me, but if
the goal is mass production wouldn't welding or adhesives, depending on
your strut material make more sense.

There was a concern about struts pulling out of the "rubber tinkertoy"
connectors.  What about holes through the connector or eyes and a cable
passed through them and pulled taught.

At what point(stage) is the living machines water and other byproducts
safe for human consumption?

On the discussion about server systems for the domes, we don't want this
to be the same machine as their desktop machine because the customer will
want to run somthing MStupid and unstable.  I'm against excessive
embedding in MY house and all the early houses because I want to be able
to tweak things.  I don't know the java based O/S that was mentioned, does
it have linuxes flexablity etc.  I also didn't see QNX mentioned.  QNX is
no free, however it is a modular, postix compliant, unix designed for
embedding.  On their web page they have a demo floppy, boot from it, give
the com port for your modem, number for your ISP, username, and pass and
your surfing the web with a graphical browser on a desktop.

I've run down, will write when I think of more(huge list archive, very
burnt out).


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