rd panels ?


Thanks for your response.

> That's interesting. Sounds like hubs might not be the best approach for
> building rhombic dodecahedra. Since so many variables are already eliminated
< (i.e.: same edge length and face shape throughout), it might be easier and
< more straightforward to build them as panels (than it would be to build
 < icosahedral or non-rhombic-dodecahedral spheres as panels)?

Pre-made panels would certainly be interesting. Some way to interface them
so that they are can easily join together and also maintain a weather-tight
Still, a series of quad and tri vertex "blocks" or 'hubs" might be very useful
for reinforcement if not just for alignment. These tri chord and quad chord
vertexes would be a one size fits all, and perhaps more universal connotations.

Imagine a rhombic dodecahedron shaped canvas tent, with the ability to add
on additional "rooms".  I believe that there may be many uses for a rhombic
dodecahedral approach.

As you are probably aware, that rd close packs the same as
ccp; cubic close packing. I would suggest that this approach could also
be used in shipping and in the shape of containers. Even to the point of lining
interiors of hulls so that rd containers would fit. Hopefully, put a virtual end
large oil spills. Capable of shipping oil and wheat and whatever, together in
one vessel.
But is a huge proposition, and even that does not cover it and
I understand that it is just a wild dream.


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