Re: V-Plate Hubs

>     As to the verticle offset issue for struts and hubs, I'm not 
> sure
> I follow the thinking.  To amplify the problem, suppose I wanted to
> join five 2x4's (pent center) with a single pin.  Even if we drill 
> a
> properly angled hole through the 1.5 inch thickness, we wind up
> needing a pin that would be 7.5 inches long.  (Obviously this is an
> extreme situation I'm creating for ths sake of illustration.)  The

OK, I see the problem.  It's very simple -- with regard to the
vertex of a dome, there are two parts.  There's the strut, and
there's the actual connector.

Now, functionally, we need to join multiple pieces of wood
together, and we'll do this with a plate attached to each strut,
and then bolt the plates together.  OK, still with me?

Let's just think about 2 boards, joined at the ends, for an 
explanation. (2x4 lumber)  Lay the two boards flat on your 
garage floor.  How many ways can we connect them with 
a "plate?"  We could nail the plate on, onto the 4" side,
which is currently on top.  Both boards are perfectly lined
up, too.

We could nail the plate on, on the bottom...same effect.

We could saw a slot into the ends, and put the plate into
it, halfway through the board -- same effect, again.

Notice, the vertical offset of the plate, relative to the edges
of the boards.  If we make the "top" surface the reference
mark, at 0 inches offset, then the bottom surface plate would
become 2 inches of offset.  The one in the slot would be 
at 1 inch of offset.

The result of all of these, however, is 2 boards with the surfaces
in the necessary alignment.

Now...think about the "slot" design.  If the slots in each of the
5 or 6 boards were slightly different in their vertical position, 
then the connector plates could overlap, while the boards could 
still remain in their proper alignment.

That's what I meant by vertical offset...I think we're on the
same page, so to speak.

     -- Chuck Knight
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