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> }Quite bluntly, advertising creates markets which would not have
> }otherwise existed.
> I see the value of some advertizing, but I've never failed to sell a 
> magic "off the grid" box to anyone I've talked to. 

Then you're a better salesman than I am...I usually have to
explain it in depth, and then have only a 50% acceptance rate.
Of course, given the power problems right now, an off-the-grid
system is particularly attractive right now.

> }> There were several long threads on connectors, that's useful to 

> }It depends on where assembly is to be done, and by whom.  If

> }My personal choice is to (as a first step) establish a dome market
> }by the production of "connectors" similar to the Simpsons 
> Strong-Tie
> I understand, the connector follows my goals nicely(and yours?) but 
> not Pats.

Well, we're not specifically trying to create a single product.  We're
not a marketing list -- we're only a list discussing various design
options, and trying to foster an environment in which entrepreneurs
could actually get some of this stuff done.

Pat's goals are far more expansive than mine -- he literally wants
to provide the world with shelter.  That's a BIG goal.  I tend to
believe in incrementalism...establish the market first, and then
expand production such that the whole world could benefit.  That
WILL involve some compromises, it WILL sometimes involve 
style over substance, etc...

> }> There was a concern about struts pulling out of the "rubber 
> }> tinkertoy"
> }> connectors.  What about holes through the connector or eyes and a 
> I was suggesting a taut cable running along each strut, pulling the
> connector onto each end.

How would the cable be held to the connector?

I actually wouldn't mind just holding it together with friction. 
something like a pipe dome with these connectors, a tension tent skin 
could provide the inward tension, too.

Not unlike the ones Bucky designed for the marines.

     -- Chuck Knight

P.S.  I have a feeling that you're going to be a great asset to this
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