Re: design goals (was: Hello)

domesteading-request at sculptors dot com  Sat Jul 14 20:20:42 2001 wrote:

> My personal choice is to (as a first step) establish a dome market
> by the production of "connectors" similar to the Simpsons Strong-Tie
> connectors -- the cheap metal joist hangers you can get at Home
> Depot.  The average do-it-yourselfer doesn't have access to, or
> skills with things like welders or "super-adhesives."  Make the dome
> a simple, almost effortless project and people should try building them.
> At the moment, it involves measuring, calculating angles, almost
> literally creating a new type of architecture.  Take away that difficulty
> and I think there would be a dome renaissance.
> After people start building domes, a different model can act as
> a mass producible home.

You took the words right out of my ... er... keyboard.

Thank you, Chuck, for stating that so clearly.


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