Re: Dome shed simplicity

O.K. gang...I've read these long enough.....Just tell em to buy a panelized
dome kit. It's not hard and they ain't expensive. Heck we built an 8' dome
for a storm shelter top...geodesically correct (like that word?)The really
cool ones are the Lexan domes from Applied geodesics. We sell em and boy are
they the cats meow for hot tubs and stuff. JJ

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> >    So, instead of a hub connector, maybe what we need is a *panel*
> >connector. Provide a cutting pattern for the plywood, and provide
> >angle to join panel edges, rather than hub/strut?  Cut panels, screw
> >the angle to the edges, join panels....done?  What would it take to
> >hear, "Boy that sure went up>
> >easy. Why did I ever mess with those old wood shed plans..."
>     I don't know what you mean by" panel connector" or" angle to join
> edges".
>     When the holes are drilled accurately before assembly, the dome is
> aligning and self supporting. The only fasteners are ordinary machine
> screws, nuts, and washers. The only panels that require any cutting are
> of the sheets around the base. The overlap of the sheets is critical to
> dome's integrity. The process feels like basketweaving on a large scale.
> for pictures of assembly of a 2v Triacon plydome. The same drill pattern
> used for the Chrysalis sphere (see home page) and a 1/2 scale version was
> used for the Fat Helicopter. All the corners of all the sheets are the
> for each structure.

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