Re: Followup on Conroy Building

  Thanks for filling in the blanks on the materials.  I'll do some
more study on those matterials, some of which are probably available
around here.

   I took a closer look at the photos of your 14 foot unit. Along the
lines of the simplicity theme, the wedge method you use to generate
the proper dihedral angle between the panels appeals to me.  Although
building a straight sided triangular panel (i.e. a dihedral angle of
180) might not drive *all* backyard carpenters screaming from the
workbench, I think more of them would join the panic stampede if they
had to generate the compound angle usually required (that is face
angle and dihedral angle), even with cookbook instructions.     :-)

 Earlier I looked at the panels made from steel studs (I think those
were Seatrek/Martin photos), and revisited the idea of a less
expensive, easy to assemble garden shed.    So if a frame was made
from a metal stud (or just light stud track) properly bent into a
straight sided triangle (or perhaps shipped straight with the bend
points prescored, the buyer just bends and screws end tabs down to
form triangle), with your wedges provided to get the dihedral angle
right where the panels are connected ( wedges of wood, plastic, bent
metal, etc.) , and then sheet metal (or pattern for wood) sheathing,
hmm, I wonder how close we get to the garden dome shed that works...
     It won't be easy.  This week Sears has a 10 x 6 foot steel shed
on sale for $139.  I'll have to pencil out the material cost and see
the profit line is just too far away to make least for now.
If the material cost is a big factor, then back to hub n' strut! So
don't go away hub designers!  We may be circling right back to gazebo
connectors, hubs by JMR and all you other enterprising thinkers.
However, the panel type might not be a bad design for
emergency/temporary housing that can actually be easily dissassembled,
efficiently stored, transported and used elsewhere again.
-Dan G.

Conroy photo's and links :


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