Re: Metal studs for dome construction

If you're looking to go that route, why not go with the corrugated 
plastic like Pat used.  (Sorry couldn't find the address of the site 
where he has pictures.)  Don't know how long-lived this would be 
but it would be light weight and easy to erect.  (And could be color 

> > <<  Earlier I looked at the panels made from steel studs (I think 
> > 
> >       I have photos of panels being made from metal studs, but the 
> > heavier metal studs were required to give the structure stability.
> What about eliminating the studs altogether, and going for a
> ply-dome structure?
> Something moderately flexible, like corrugated steel or fiberglass
> could be used for the sheathing, and a pattern of holes "punched" in
> the corners.  Shouldn't be hard to engineer, or to build.
> Assembly of a garden shed type of construct should be fairly 
> simple, especially with a bunch of pictures for us men.  Maybe
> even color coding!
>      -- Chuck Knight

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