dome models

There is an "IKOSA-KIT" that was available from Edmunds Scientific.
It consisted of clear plastic tube (hose)sections and thin bamboo sticks just 
like the skewers you get at the grocery store. And a pointed hole making tool so 
you could make 5 and 6 hole hubs from the tube pieces. With similar method any 
dome or sphere model could be made. For strut lengths see the dome calculator 
linked at the site.
Other ideas: 
-Use styrofoam balls for the connector hubs, with wood dowel struts.
-Use "pipe cleaner" wire with drinking straws. Use hot glue or something like 
E-6000 to keep it together. I did a 2 ft. 3 fr Icosa sphere with this method.
-Popsicle sticks are also plentiful and cheap from the craft store. Connect 
together with styrofoam balls or cut out plastic or cardboard connector hub 
plates. Attach with screws, hot glue or staples. I made a 3 ft. 4 fr. Icosa 
sphere with this method. 
For paper dome models, I have a page with several cut-out plans:
for paper polyhedra models:
Can be scaled up or down and measured accurate enough for model making with 
straws and sticks etc.
--- barbara  wrote:
> Dear Ernie,
> I've been looking for a hub and strut type model for
> my boys, ages 6 and
> 10, to build a geodesic dome.  Do you know of any
> model products on the
> market?  I've tried plastic straws and clay hubs,
> but they don't hold
> together.  
> Thank you,
> Barbara Zubenko

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