new vrml info

If you need to install the plug-in, try Cortona -
 You may need the VRML Converter also: Cortona VRML 1.0 Converter - a plug-in for Cortona VRML Client 3.1 that enables VRML
       1.0 to be converted to VRML 2.0. This allows the user to view VRML 1.0 scenes with Cortona VRML Client 3.1
  In the Cortona viewer, change the background to anything but black. The geodesic wireframes are black so the background
                                        should be a light color.

Ernie wrote:

> This and others here:
> make spin and twirl with mouse.
> other related:
> Ernie
> ACdog at aol dot com wrote:
> > Just for my edification, is there a picture of a rhombic dodecahedron anywhere I might be able to see? I'm not familiar with that structure style. Even a description would help.
> >
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