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	i am forwarding this because i figure someone here might
	be interested in a large dome at a decent price.

	the pictures are pretty cool too



Death Guild and Pacific Domes must sell the original Thunderdome to help
cover the cost of a stronger Dome for Burning Man 2001. The dome is USED
which means some struts have been replaced over the last two years. It is
still in great shape though and would be a perfect structure for theme
camping and partying out at Burning Man.

In previous years participants were allowed to climb on the structure. It
no longer suitable for climbing. HOWEVER this structure would be a perfect
centerpiece for just about any other type of camp. Pacific Domes can make
colorful event cover for an additional charge or you can cover the dome
yourself using fabric, tarps, camo net, canvas or just about anything else
you can imagine. It can be used as a giant shade structure suitable for
camping, dancing, parties, hanging chairs, lights, sound equipment or
decoration of almost any kind. The dome will still hold a considerable
of weight when objects are hung from the inside hubs. We must stress
however, that this dome is is no longer suitable for large numbers of
climbing on it.

This is a geodesic dome that is 44 feet in diameter and 22 feet tall. It
weighs about 1,500 lbs and fits (unassembled) in the back of a pickup
The struts are 1" in diameter. This is a Heavy Duty frame, (stronger than
your average geodesic structure) each strut being able to handle 60lbs per
square foot. All the struts are around 4' long. The struts are galvanized
steel and will not rust. The dome comes with a set of Grade 8 bolts,
and easy to follow instructions for assembly. Pac Domes and Death Guild
also be onsite in the desert for consultation during construction.

To see pictures of the Thunderdome in action go to:
To learn more about geodesic domes and the company that built the
go to Pacific Domes' website:

Death Guild would prefer to sell the dome to another Burning Man camp so
it can continue to be a part of the event. However, anyone's money is good
enough for us. We are asking for $2,500 for our used Thunderdome. The
of the dome if it were brand new would be over $5,650 so this is a pretty
good deal if you're looking for a structure for the desert. The dome
currently resides at the 80 Acres storage site near Gerlach so you don't
have to haul it out to the desert!

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing the Thunderdome
contact Pacific Domes: 1.888.488.8127
or Kevy, Death Guild Camp: 510.385.4956
kevy at evildcat dot com

Pacific Domes can accept Credit Cards and Cashiers Checks.

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