Re: Pacific Domes question

	i've seen many of pacific domes products.  i am not entirely
	pleased with the way they marketed themselves one year at
	burning man, but i can chalk it up to inexperience.

	their domes are great semi-permanent structures.  when i
	was bidding on a geodesic in lake tahoe, i had plans to buy
	a pacific domes shell (no cover) to put over a hot tub in
	the yard, then interweave with sticks to form a snow-cave
	over the tub.

	you can climb on them, hang hamocks, and they are totally
	great in the harsh weather of black rock city.  easy to
	assemble.  you *could* live in one year round in many climates
	but i imagine that the shell would need replacing eventually.

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Jim Morash wrote:

]Hi folks,
]I was just looking over the Pacific Domes site that was mentioned in an
]earlier post, having never seen it before. Does anyone on this list have
]experience living in one of these domes? What do their hub joints look
]like? (there aren't any close-up photos on the site). I didn't realize
]you could build a relatively sturdy structure out of EMT
]conduit... geodesics are cool that way, I guess.
]jmorash at mit dot edu
]MIT Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Laboratory

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