Re: Pacific Domes question

As far as I know they use same method typical with emt domes; flattened tube
ends. I have done with 1/2" to 2" diameter steel tubes and in near future
will do one with copper tubes.
another close-up picture with 1-3/8" tubes- fence post - with 1/2" bolts-
As for living in one of these, would be a better house than half the world
lives in. I suppose you would want a good lightning rod, but you should have
that on any kind of house.

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Jim Morash wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I was just looking over the Pacific Domes site that was mentioned in an
> earlier post, having never seen it before. Does anyone on this list have
> experience living in one of these domes? What do their hub joints look
> like? (there aren't any close-up photos on the site). I didn't realize
> you could build a relatively sturdy structure out of EMT
> conduit... geodesics are cool that way, I guess.
> --Jim
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