Re: gradual transition

I bought a 13 watt 12 volt fluorescent light (expensive-$30) to be
powered by a car battery. I charge the battery with the car by
alternating it with another battery. You can make it easy to switch
the two batteries. I also run a 300 watt ac-converter with it to
power a laptop and 13" tv/vcr. I also use propane from a 20 pound
cylinder to cook, heat and light. I have an Alladin kerosene lamp
which puts out a fine light, about 60watts.  Composting shit is easy.
Use a small garbage can with a tight lid. Cover feces with  a small
amount of rich dirt or other bacteria medium. When that can is full,
leave it alone for 6 weeks or until done.


--- Jim Morash <jmorash at MIT dot EDU> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm currently living in an apartment in cambridge, MA. I'd like to
> start
> making a gradual transition to semi-autonomous living, and some
> ideas I
> had included
> -buy a solar panel and a car battery and try and rig up a
> solar-based,
>  off-grid lighting system preferably using LED-based lights
> -put together a small greenhouse/garden on the flat roof above my
> top
>  floor apartment
> -do some at-home composting
> any web resources, offhand, for such projects?
> jmorash at mit dot edu
> MIT Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Laboratory

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