Re: gradual transition

domesteading-request at sculptors dot com  Fri Jul 27 11:35:52 2001 wrote:

> I bought a 13 watt 12 volt fluorescent light (expensive-$30) to be
> powered by a car battery. I charge the battery with the car by
> alternating it with another battery. You can make it easy to switch
> the two batteries. I also run a 300 watt ac-converter with it to
> power a laptop and 13" tv/vcr.

One of my college professors told me about a friend of his who lived in a
hexagon-shaped house in a remote area of Pennsylvania, which house was off
the grid. The whole house was wired to run on 12 volt current, and all his
appliances were made for the RV market and ran 12 volt.

He had a long drive into town, and he commuted, if not every day, at least
frequently. The drive was more than adequate for charging his van's battery.
So he installed extra batteries in his vehicle, and wired them up to a
retractable power cord. When he got home, he would back the van up near the
house and pull out the power cord and plug it into the house. He used the
juice from the extra batteries to supplement what his house obtained from
solar- and wind-powered generators.


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