Re: gradual transition

question on the composting :what type of garbage can do you use?plastic or
also: have you thought about the method of making biogas from the waste?
there was an article in one of the science magazines a long time ago(popular
science or popular mechanics)and in mother earth news.
take a 55 gallon drum,an innertube from a semi, vent the drum into the
put the waste into the drum and let it cook for a while, the methane
generated from the waste goes into the tube to be pumped out later.
also check the peace corps, they build these type of systems for 3rd world

not related subject:
led lights are available from, they are VERY expensive(try a
100.00 for a strip light)or search on the internet for the companies that
make the leds

not related subject not on this planet:
use the aerojell panels doped to block u.v. and the metel dome frame to dome
over a
small(100 m,200matc.)crater on now have an area that can be used for
plants and living,using the small garden dome as green houses inside, any O2
not used by the settlers can be vented to the larger dome to bring up the O2
level for people.
given the technology(no spell check,sorry)i think(hope)this is possible.
bummer, just thought about the sandstorms mars has, need to make the panels
out of something that wont be sandblasted away easily,ceramics,maybe?

thankyou for reading the ramblings of someone who just reads and doesn't

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