Domebook 3

A number of times we have considered useful action we could take as a
group.  Well, here is another proposal for consideration:

Let's publish Domebook 3.

The format of Domebook 2 was rather a collection of dome stories.
("Shelter" sort of trailed off.) We have a very diverse set of
potential contributors on this list alone. Even if we put such a
collection together, composed of some of the newer ideas that some of
you would be willing to share in print, we'd probably have enough to
put something useful (and interesting) in print.  For some of you, it
would be as easy as just submitting something from your web page.

However, we could do more than that.  We could *really* update the
resource list - dome companies, dome books, dome websites, dome
professionals, organizations, bibliography, dome email lists, dome
shrines (we have the Better Homes and Gardens dome still here in Des
Moines...), dome "primer", software, etc.

Then there are materials for panels, struts, roofing, flooring,
waterproofing, new tools, etc.

Yes, this would all help, just as Domebooks 1 and 2 did in their day.
But perhaps we could do more. What could we put in Domebook 3 to help
people "discover" domes and want to live in them?  I know we are back
to some age old questions there, but perhaps we could accomplish more
towards putting domes on the map - for housing, for emergency/relief
use, for sheds and garages,  cathedrals and schools, etc.

Perhaps this is one way we could focus some of the collective energy.
This might put some umph behind Christine's push to offer something -
at least we could offer a map - one that helps put domes where they
belong (announcement of yet another earthquake in Turkey today, and
people afraid to go back in their houses despite sub freezing temps.)

Anyone interested?  Even you folks that read this list, but aren't
inclined to write - could you tell us what *you* would like to see in
Domebook 3? Let's hear your ideas...

-Dan G.

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