Re: Outcountry domeing

In trying to bamboo the outworld problems I've wanted to use a multiple 'Chinese finger trap' as hubs and bamboo as struts with bamboo pin or knoting to anchor each 'finger' of hub to strut, and bamboo and other grasses for membraneing. This way if any material needs to be transported it is bamboo starters for local growing, doesn't cover emergency but addresses a fair number of difficulties. As usual my hands on follow-up got lost in the mountains of interests & information, one detail I could use is how to weave the finger trap.
This is a truly brilliant idea.  Those finger puzzles
would make an excellent tensile connector, as
they tighten with increased tension, and they're
obviously simple to make (they cost virtually
nothing at party stores).
I wonder how it would hold, under moderate
tension?  Most "poles" are pretty slick on the
     -- Chuck Knight

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