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>I'm not sure if this is entirely relevant, but on page 22 of The Dome
>Builder's Handbook by John Prenis, there is a strut and cord type
>structure described, using a more routine icosohedral dome as a
>general platform. Is that the type of suspension you were thinking
>about?  Perhaps this could be used in some combination with the
>Hoberman type features (i.e. the scissors...)
>-Dan G.
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>Date: Monday, February 04, 2002 11:03 AM
>Subject: quick shelter
>>A while ago, I posted a message about a way to model
>>high-frequency geodesics, using a "grid" of small tetrahedra with
>>layer connected by cables instead of rigid struts.
>>I've been thinking about this method a lot. It seems to me it would
>make a
>>good disaster-relief shelter system. The grids could be shipped flat
>>rolled up, and erected very quickly by putting tension on the
>>three directions.
>>The built-in wall thickness could allow for an integrated,
>>membrane covering... even windows.
>>Another alternative would be a hemispherical or prolate ellipsoid
>>collapsed as a flat disc; a membrane or semi-rigid covering could be
>>integrated like the bellows of an old-fashioned camera. The dome
>could be
>>erected by lifting upward in the middle and snapping one-way
>connectors in
>>place on jointed ribs. A geodesic design could use scissors-action
>ribs; a
>>parallel-tropic system, like those drawn by John Moon and posted
>>   http://www.domegroup.org/domehomepics.html#johnmoon
>>...could use semi-rigid hoop "parallels" and jointed vertical
>>These jointed members need be no more complicated to set up than the
>>screw-thread-reinforced or locking-cylinder-reinforced shockcords of
>>dome tents.
>>I think the tetra-grid method is promising, as it would allow
>felxibility in
>>both shipping method and in the shape of the final structure; would
>>itself well to ellipsoids or quonset-hut shapes.
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