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Spencer W Hunter wrote:

> Six.  Do I get a prize?

Yes... the satisfaction of knowing that you correctly fielded
a trick dome question.

High-frequency geodesics look complicated, but it puts them
into perspective to know that you can make any size icosahedral
hemisphere using only 6 pentagonal connectors.

>> If you can picture a high-frequency icosahedron, hence small
>> triangles; then, instead of flat triangles, tetrahedra; their
>> flat faces joined to make the outside of the dome; the "points"
>> then would be pointing inward; these points interconnected by
>> tensioned cables....
> This sounds unbelievably cool.  I hope you can pull it off.

The coolest part of it is the option to make the struts
expandable by constructing them of two close-fitting
sleeves around an inner strut, with a mechanism (e.g.,
regularly-spaced holes and cotter pins; or, better yet, a
threaded rod or pipe) for locking them in place at desired
lengths. A model constructed this way would be worth the
extra work, because it could be used as an ad hoc strut-
length calculator for many different regular and irregular
shapes of domes.

The tetra vertices could be ball & socket joints, a la Pat
Salsbury's hub design.

There are all kinds of ways to fancy it up, but the basic
idea could be assembled in any number of low-tech ways, from
a great many materials.

It models not just strut lengths for the outer shell, but
also depth of section, at the same time.

But the VERY coolest part of it is that it doesn't have the
inherent drawback that many other modeling systems do: it
makes models that can actually be built, as modeled.

I propose this as a possible product for the dome group project.

I also propose this as a name we can use. "" is
a domain name that several DomeHome List subscribers (some of
whom are also Domesteading subscribers) chipped in together
to register. Since the stated goals of the group here (as so
well summarized by Christine and others) are virtually
identical to the implied goals of the co-registrants of this
domain name, I'm willing to change the format of the current Web site to make it less centered on the DomeHome
List, and more centered on the invention and manufacturing of
tools to build and understand domes -- with lots of links to
Pat's Reality Sculptors site (and its cool tools, e.g, wiki).

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