Domes for the third millenium - coverage

Thanks to those of you who have sent messages regarding the "Domebook
3" idea.  Although nominations for titles are still very much open,
for now I'll call it "Domes for the Third Millenium".

I've been working on a list of sections, just to get the big picture
on what the coverage could be and what order in which things might be
presented - mostly in the way of getting organized.  How this could
play out in the text is another matter.  For example, it might be
useful to have a good list of "landmark" domes that are still around,
although they could be strewn throughout the book, rather than packed
into a distinct section. Since nobody wants stuffy formality, there is
at least one section devoted to narratives and will probably use a
format similar to Domebook 2.

Once I get the list in shape I'll post some of those ideas, but if
anyone has some material they'd like to see, suggestions are welcome.

I'm also thinking about how to get the right mix of cooperation,
compromise and creativity. It would be nice to have as few rules and
restrictions as possible, but unles this works as a total
free-for-all, there may be a few we have to live with, and hopefully
won't drive people away.

Additional thoughts -
  I had an interesting conversation with someone who's been in the
dome business quite a while.  One interesting point came up about the
failure of dome designs to work their way into schools of
architecture, resulting in a paucity of material for builders.  It
would be one thing for the materials to be available to builders, but
hear "no demand" from the consumer end, but it is a *real* shame if
homebuyers ask for domes but the builders decline citing a lack of
support - and there being some of truth to that.  We also discussed
the conference to take place in England (once every seven years) on
space structures - I'm going to look into that. He was kind enough to
send the web site:   Any of
you Europeans thinking of going locally?

More later.

-Dan G.

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