domebook III

jmr wrote:

<<Seems like the first step, then, is to figure out what size
dome would best serve this market. How many square feet of
floor space is generally deemed acceptable for a family of
two adults, 3 kids and a few pets? That's the size dome to
do first.>>

    Actually the first step is to decide on the size of the panel.  The panel must be light enough to be easy to handle, and small enough to be easy to transport.  The size of the structure would then depend on the number of panels in the dome, or the number of a particular sized domes linked together.
     My experience tells me that a panel with a maximum dimension of 7 1/2' is the optimum for using conventional off the shelf material.  The size of the individual domes would depend on the frequency used.  The total size of the structure would be determined by the number of modular domes used in its construction.  Bob

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