Re: Domes for the third millenium - coverage

Dean T. Miller wrote:

> Why not a relatively small dome that could be tied to another, like,
> dome?   Or two standard (small) sizes that could be connected.  That
> is, room-size domes that connect on a common wall, or connect with a
> short (1 foot, 5 foot) connection module.
> That way a small entrance way dome could be used to connect to a
> living room dome, a kitchen dome, a master bedroom dome, etc.  That
> would make a home expandable as kids (and finances) show up.

Well, the goal is for total square footage, so you could take
that into account when deciding on the size of the module.

We're also talking about market appeal, though, and a couple
of domes connected together might not do the do... unless...

You could design the modules such that they could be arranged
as hemispherical segments (not full hemispheres) in an arc or
 a cirlce facing a central atrium, courtyard or patio. That
would probably appeal to a North American market.

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