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Yo Geoman,
  Browse some of these sites, look at the panels. Others had the same thoughts, just earlier in time.  You can build on what has already been done.  There are several dome builders who sell panelized domes now, maybe you can improve them...
-Dan G.  good pictures  Rick Bono software   dome links
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Date: Sunday, January 05, 2003 5:25 PM
Subject: What about paneled domes

Since these geodesic domes look great with just the struts and hubs, we all know that eventually that structure if it where a home, will have to be sheated in with plywood or whatever. I have an idea to eliminate the hubs. Why not just erect flat panels and bolt the panels together on edge?. I was playing around with what I call a 2 frequency truncated icosahedron that has 80 hexagons and 12 pentagons. I drew that model on a rubber lacrosse ball with pen. It took 5 hours to do. This symmetry looks promising for constructing a paneled dome using only pre sheated hexagons. The hexagons would all be edge bolted together. Until you have a model of this you won't appreciate the idea.  A neat thing about this polyhedra is that if you leave out a few panels here and there, you create skylights. doors and window openings!.

Any thoughts about that approach or has it be done to any great extent.



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