Re: Catching up

I hope this relates-- one of my favorite architects (besides Bucky, of
course) is the Swiss engineer Heinz Isler (1926-), who is best known for
his thin-shelled concrete domes based on catenary curves.  I looked around
for a good picture site for his works and found one here:

His original design technique appeals to my anti-tech tendencies.  He
would hang damp pieces of cloth outside in the winter around a framework
and let them naturally sag under their own weight.  After they froze, he
would invert them to get the dimensions for his domes.  Even after several
decades, his domes have not developed cracks and are still weatherproof.
(I'm sure nowadays he and his staff use computer-aided design.)

Spencer Hunter, Tucson, AZ

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Philip Armstrong wrote:

> Hello, all.
> Visited with Jacque Fresco ( at his research center
> in Venus, Florida, recently.  Very much taken with his reinforced concrete
> dome-like structures (see example attached).  Has anybody experimented with
> reinforced concrete freeform buildings?  Some of Jacque's buildings seem to
> be about 2" thick, plus a foam layer for insulation.  Very refined designs.
> Philip Armstrong
> PhilipUpNorth at hotmail dot com

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