Re: Simplicity domes, and a question about PVC...

> Following up on Pat's comments:
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> > I would encourage the use of the Reality Sculptors Wiki
> >( to start collecting these
> >ideas, reasons, designs, images, common excuses "not to", etc. It
> seems
> >like a perfect application for the wiki, and will allow each person
> to add
> >ideas and respond to others but we'll construct something durable,
> rather
> >than simply having it fill our inboxes and sit in the web archives.
> The
> >wiki can be a dynamic (as dynamic as we make it, anyway) place that
> >continues to grow and refine the idea, and provides a place we can
> refer
> >others to in the future, rather than saying "go dig through the
> archives.
> >
> > Try it out. Cut-n-paste some of your existing ideas and documents
> >into a new wiki page "SimplicityDomes" would be a fine name, and in
> fact,
> >to once again demonstrate how easy it is to create wiki pages, I just
> made
> >one at (You
> can,
> >of course, make a different named page, or link to others from
> there.)
> >
> > Give it a whirl! It's fun! :-)
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> Ok, you convinced me...I'll try and get into the Wikki next time I get
> some time free and see what I can get started there.  We agree that
> the "Simplicity Domes" theme would be a good place to start.
	OK, it's been 5 weeks, so I took your post and added it in to that 
page with some wiki-formatting, so there are now about 16 new "jump points" 
within the page that will auto-link to new pages as soon as someone clicks on 
the "?" links. (Including a user page for you, Dan, so you should at least go 
do that one! :-)  )
	The edits took me all of about 10 minutes to do. This stuff really 
*IS* easy. (Christine and some others already know this!) If you're reading 
this note, take at least 60 seconds to click on the above and *read* the page. 
If you're feeling ambitious, take 5-10 minutes, click on one of the "?" links 
and put some info into one of the other pages that will be automagically 
	It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to be perfect. We'll 
correct and add to it as we go along. Just get some data in there, and let 
someone else proofread and expand on it. The synergy happens when ideas bounce 
off of each of us and jog ideas in others. 

> Along those lines, I'm curious - what are you using as a hub for the
> PVC greenhouse you show on the web site?  I can't see how the pipe
> struts are connected.
	I'm using plumber's tape affixed to the pipe with machine screws and 
nuts, and joined in the center with a long bolt and wing-nut. There is a more 
detailed description at:

> Here are a few things I hope will get others interested in
> brainstorming a bit and contributing.  I'll try to paste this into the
> first wikki page:
	They're in there, now. Go and add to 'em! :-)

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