Bike trail domes

Greetings again,

I was looking at one of my favorite recumbent bike catalogs to see
what was new

and noticed several bike trail books, like the one for the Lewis and
Clark trail. It's several thousand miles.  In some places, these
bed-n-breakfast places are springing up which cater to bikers on trail

I wondered how one might encourage the placement of dome shelters
along trails like that.  They could be pretty nice stopover points for
people taking trail trips, sort of along the lines of the rest stops
one has on interstate highways.  Might be good for cross country
ski-camping stops in the winter too.  You'd need a low cost, low
maintenance sustainable shelter that was easy to transport and erect
to make that work, and might help introduce people to domes in a way
that might have them consider them in other situations.

I haven't thought through the practical aspects and down sides, but
thought I'd post the thought in case there was any discussion.
Perhaps this could be part of a bigger plan to put domes like that in
parks and other camping areas.

-Dan G.

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