Re: conduit dome hubs

Would like to see those pictures John. Here's some new I found
I will do a 50 ft 5 frequency low height dome with flattened end steel tubes
1-3/8" and 1/2" bolts, heavier and strong enough, costs less than aluminum.
Ernie A.
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> Hi there,
> Yesterday, myself and one other erected an aluminium tube dome for
> Greenpeace New Zealand. It is covered in a purpose made acrylic canvas
> skin. I'll post some pictures after we put it up again this coming
> weekend in an Auckland park. It will be used as a small theatre to
> promote solar and wind generated electricity. The power used for the
> video projector and the sound system, as well as the lighting will be
> generated by solar and wind power (a system with 230v 900 watt output
> from battery storage).
> It is a 6.3m x 6.3m x 3.8m high 2 frequency superellipsoidal
> icosahedron. It has 72 struts with  20 strut variations and 29 vertices.
> We used 45mm diameter, 3mm wall aluminium tube, with squashed ends bent
> to the correct axial angle, and a hole drilled in the squashed ends. One
> 12mm diameter bolt with a wingnut holds the struts together at each
> vertex. It has a plan area of 33.01 sq.m. and a surface area of 80.90
> sq.m. and used a net length of 153m of the aluminium tube. The skin was
> cut and sewn out of 50m of 2m wide acrylic canvas in an Auckland
> sailmaker's loft.... I marked out the peel pattern which the sailmakers
> cut out and sewed... about 10 hours of my time and 30 hours of their
> time. The erection, including the skin took 2 of us 4 to 5 hours.
> The cutting to length, the squashing and the drilling was done by a
> local alumimium supplier. The all up cost is about $8,000 NZD. I would
> think with the economies of scale in the US economy, with aluminium
> being cheaper as well as acrylic canvas, and taking into account the
> conversion rate, this dome would have cost little more than $3,000 USD.
> Regards,
> John
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