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Hello Ducky,

Regarding Virus prevention and system invasion, personally I swear by McAfee.  Pay the money, enable the firewall, get the automatic upgrades, and rest easy. You shouldn't have any more problems with being an unsuspecting porn host...

Regarding SPAM, I have had endless problems with SPAM and finally took the plunge and broke my addiction to Microsoft Explorer and Microsoft Outlook; the two single greatest security holes in internet security abuse.

I use the free-software organization's Mozilla browser now and the Mozilla email host.  For what it is worth, here are a set of instructions I wrote myself in the process of setting them up on my system...

Cheers, Markus

1.1.1.   Mozilla Web Browser & Email Client [INSTALLED]

·         Temporarily disable McAfee Virus Scan during the install, then re-enable it.

·         Load from (or copy in D:Web Downloads\mozilla-win32-1.5-installer)

·         Set default web browser to Mozilla

·         From edit->preferences… set all the defaults you need.  In particular

§         Appearance: When Mozilla starts up, open Mail & Newsgroups

§         Navigator: set homepage to www.yourpreferredwebsite

§         Mail & Newsgroups->send format: send the message in both plain text & html        Getting Help

·         Help available from

·         online from

o        Use in mode “search for all terms”        Enable Mozilla Quick Launch

Allows faster performance and installs a Mozilla icon on the desktop taskbar.

From the Mozilla Browser

1.       Open the Edit menu and choose Preferences.

2.       Choose Advanced category.

3.       Select Keep Mozilla in memory to improve startup performance to enable Quick Launch.

4.       Click OK.        Using the standard Mozilla Email Client

(If not using the Mozilla Standalone Email Client [6.1.17]

Right click on the Mozilla icon and select Mail and Newsgroups or if the Mozilla browser is already open, Window->Mail&Newsgroups, or use execute Ctrl+2

click on Migrating from another browser or mail client


Set up the various email accounts
SPAM Management

In each account you need to enable SPAM management.

·         Tools->Junk Mail Controls. Enable

o        Enable junk mail controls

o        Do not mark messages as junk mail if the sender is in my address book

o        Move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to: “Junk” folder on: markus at dot dot dot (or ‘Local Folders’ for all other accounts)

o        When I manually mark junk messages as Junk: Move them to the “Junk” folder

Signature Files

How can a person add different signatures to the end of their E-Mail ?

2 ways, the easiest being create a txt file with your sig in it and then pick the location of the txt file using the chose button on the first page of the account settings after you tick Attach Signature file. Bear in mind you can create as many sigs as you have accounts by just creating as many new txt files as you want.

If you want separate sigs per folder then you need to download the Tagzilla extension from the usual places.

See Using Templates

Using Template Files

Template files can be created for each of the email accounts.  HTML-linked signature files can be created and stored here.

Location of the Mozilla mail folders

Try keeping everything in Mozilla email folders.  Hopefully you can make
new Mozilla email folders and organize them there.  And hopefully you can
drag and drop emails between Mozilla folders.

Something nice about those Mozilla email folders is that I've had good
luck both backing up and restoring those email folders by copying the
underlying data files/folders.  Also, they can be browsed/searched with
text processing tools (outside of Mozilla), whereas the Outlook emails are
in some kind of proprietary binary format (I think).

Here's an example location of where the email data files/folders are kept,
under Windows XP:

These are the accounts I have in Mozilla

and this is how they are stored in the C Drive...

That rather sucks...

1.1.1.   Mozilla Thunderbird Standalone Email Client [NOT INSTALLED since at version 0.4 it is not yet ready for prime time for various reasons]

Location:        How to install?

Open your zip program, unzip the Thunderbird file into a new directory, for most of you this will be C:\Program Files\\Mozilla. In the Mozilla folder you should now have a new folder named Thunderbird, open the Thunderbird folder and you should see a Thunderbird icon, press it.        Initial Set-up

Create first user account [See Configuration, part 1]

The first time you try to access each new account you will be prompted for the associated account password.        SPAM Management

Create a SPAM folder under Local Folders

Set Enable Adaptive Junk Mail Detection (Tools->Junk Mail Controls…->Adaptive Filters-> Enable Adaptive Junk Mail Detection)

Set (Tools->Junk Mail Controls…->Settings)

Keep default settings but enable the following

o        Move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to: Other: SPAM on Local folders

o        Junk Mail Log->Enable the Junk Mail Log

Testimonials and Technical Background

state-of-the art in SPAM filtering technology is covered here:


Luckily, Bayesian Filtering as described by Paul Graham is well integrated with Thunderbird now.


Here are some other reviews I picked up.,4149,1366242,00.asp


Besides, Mark Shuttleworth recommends Thunderbird: "Bayesian filtering of junk mail has worked really well for me in Mozilla"

For the nerds among you a discussion of some of the limitations of the Mozilla email client.        Known Limitations

Mozilla email client has a great SPAM elimination technology, and I will definitely keep using it. (Much Better than I Hate Spam) and with the bundled Pop up window killer, a great improvement.  And of course because it is free, it is far better than things like I Hate Spam which cost $10K a year in fees and run off outlook with all their inherent security risks.

Now, for the downsides: The stand-alone email client Thunderbird is NOT ready for prime time, at least given my needs.  (Note that it is in version 0.4 and specifically states that pre 1.0 versions are caveat emptor : buyer beware.) So, after originally setting up the Mozilla email client in the browser, I set up Thunderbird, and then migrated back to the browser version.  There are at least two main reasons why.

"Get All New Messages"


I have to manage 9 email account with Icosa.  Under the Mozilla browser, Get Msgs has a pull down tab that allows you to "Get All New Messages" from all accounts at the same time. Thunderbird has not yet implemented this feature.  That is a HUGE drag as you have to go through each account separately to get mail under Thunderbird. (unless I'm missing something here).


Fixed but not integrated in an extension to Thunderbird, called "Get All Messages."

Account Window Programmable Fields

The account window of the Mozilla Browser version of the email client has programmable fields that give you info about the contents of the various folders..  I use all available  (Name / Unread / Total / Size.)  At a glance I know how many new emails I have in each email account.  The Thunderbird version has not yet implemented this feature (unless I'm missing something) and as a result I have to individually click on the Inbox of each account to see if there is new email in them.  That is a huge waste of time.

Account Sub Folders Viewing

Each account has default sub folders (Inbox, Drafts, Templates, Sent, and Trash) which cannot be deleted  and which are all on the same level so you can't hide the ones you use much less frequently.  So, to see your Inbox, you have to see all this other crap, even though for most of your email accounts you may never use most of them. For most of my accounts, I need only Inbox, and Sent. Now the problem with this is that with multiple accounts, as is my case, there are too many accounts to be seen without scrolling (unless I close the sub folders which hides the stats for the Inbox.)  In closed mode, I'd still want to see the stats for the InBox.  Mozilla has a little work to do on this UI in my humble opinion.

Behaviour When Not Connected to the Web

If you are NOT connected to the web and you compose and then send an email, under outlook, the email will automatically go into your OutBox pending future connection to the web for sending at which point it is automatically sent.  Under Mozilla, (unless I'm missing something) you need either to specifically put the email in your DRAFTS folder, and specifically SEND it at a later date, otherwise is sits there forever, or  you need to explicitly use the Send Later feature when “sending” the email without being connected to the web which puts the unsent email into an unsent messages folder and then later, you need to explicitly open the “Local Folders->Unsent Messages directory and use the File->Send Unsent Messages command.

Missing Drag and Drop Capability

The inability to "drag and drop" email into folders elsewhere in the computer.  One must individually save as->file (name, yada, yada, yada) or Ctrl-S (name, yada, yada, yada) each email you want to keep.  Outlook simply allows you to drag-and-drop into another folder window. 

Renaming Email

The inability to  rename an  email in the subject line to be able to easily identify content from the subject line.  This is another feature that Outlook has.

Unkaducky at aol dot com wrote:
hello, a while back there was something about free virus cleaners in the post and now i have found out that i need them.
i have macaffe and it didn't get the little trojan programs out, i have found out my computer is sending porn mail with my e-mail address on it!!!!!!
i have tried to clean it and i checked today and it is still doing it!! any and all help would be reatly aooreciated, thank you
p.s. we just moved to mountain ranch,ca. and a local winery is installing two tracking arrays with at least 20 panels each. no one was around to talk to and i did not go past the "no trespassing" signs.
this list is fun and has lots of good stuff in it.
thank you
happy new year!!


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