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   I concur with many of your points. But on this one, actually, I think Joe Frawley's company predated Natural Spaces.  I'm not sure how good his domes are in comparison to others or how many they've put up, but they've been in business continuously since at least the 1980's.  I haven't seen the book yet, but you can check a few pages on their web site and get an idea of what's there.  Probably nothing new to long time dome builders, but consider the newby dome builder, armed with information they can get from a book like that, might better be able to weed out some of the good dome builders from others that make claims, but really don't know the trade.
  I intend to get my hands on a copy one way or the other, and then I can follow up with IMHO review. 
-Dan G.
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 This is such a unique and informative medium for forwarding dome thinking to the general dome public here...and I hate to be sour grapes, but when you realize that almost EVERY "how to" book on domes is just a rewrite of others' printed material..most of whom have gone under because of no support after the kit sale, you have to wonder just how much the public really believes anymore from defunct kit companies rewrite specialists.
 I don't know any of the parties involved in this book and I'm sure they mean well.....but how is this any different from the countless others who "educate us" on how to build domes through means other than actually building them.
 Case in point....If you caulk all the seams prior to roofing , how will you relieve skin"overpressure" especially  if you have no cupola to passively vent the skin through the soffit ? And furthermore, if you caulk them to prevent water from entering , you haven't roofed it properly to begin with. We've roofed domes for 30 years and counting...never caulked a seam and never had a leak. Although we do use premier Elk brand shingles most of the time.(you're welcome Elk)
    Now I'm sure a lot of folks would like to believe they can build a dome from a book, and the folks who stand to make a buck off these books are entitled to their opinions, but ...Give Me A Break!...I'm sorry ...what I should have said is, give yourselves a break and find an experiencced contractor to assist you.  I know there are few, and yes we are one, so know this...... We have lots of work and I'm not fishing...I just get so tired of repairing domes of people who bought into the do-it-yourself aspect of dome building only to discover how much the books(all books) leave out.It gives domes a bad rap for the next guy to apply for financing of any type whter long term or construction money. The bean counters all have heard of a bad dome story( and I've heard my share of leak stories), and
NEVER hear about the succesful ones.This is how domes are judged. The NEVER hear about the lower utility bills, or the wind resistance, or the open spacious feelings , or the general well being you feel from having a home with so much in a positive light. Only the horror stories.
    Have you noticed how difficult is is for owner/builders to get money these days unless you are in the building trade?
 As I said...we are booked for the next 14 months and this is BEFORE we go to Europe and Australia on big dome projects. I'm sure as &*$#  not taking the time to  write this to drum up more's  just so much like the others who say "check this out"  on this discussion group and it's proprietary to their way to make a buck off the backs of unsuspecting dome "wannabe's". How many times have you called a kit company and the VERY FIRST THING they want to know is how much money you are sending them for books, plans, or planning guides(mostly bad rewrites anyway). I've seen this for 30 years and I guess I'm fed up with seeing well educated, well intentioned dome owners with a bad dome and an equally bad taste for dome living because they didn't have enough info before they bought into the whole concept of a dome house.

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