Re: questoin

This is Jay Baldwin's design.  See:

See also the prior discussion of the pillow dome in the domesteading

Hope this helps!

Spencer Hunter, Tucson, AZ

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Jared Couey wrote:

> i am greatly interested in the pillow dome using tefzel and argon gas to
> create the pillows, i came across a picture of a design for the dome
> about a month ago but my system crashed and i lost it, i cant find the
> picture or the link to where i got it and i have a great desire to find
> it again. there was a company possibly just a person (hadnt found that
> out before i lost the info) that designed a metal framing that fit
> together to create a geodesic dome, on each piece of framing there was a
> groove that would fit a pillow, very similar to a screen door, just push
> it in and thats it.
> if any one has seen this or has any links or info i would be thankful

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