thanks for the replys, im mainly into aquaponics systems but a pillow dome woudl be the most effective green house for it, so im just starting to get into it, i have already read alot of info on it.

i am interested in any method of making a pillow dome as cost effective to heat and maintain in a green house setup as possible. and am looking forward to the link from Rob about the solar panel setup.

i have already looked into earth wicking and geosynthetics quite indepth, even have alot of info and ideas on composting and ways of using that to help heat a building. probaby wouldnt work to well in anything but a green house but who knows till i play with it more.

i will probably be sending posts to the email group anytime i come up with more questions, right now im just tring to gather information for when im done with my aquaponics systems and designs so i can dive right into pillow dome design and construction.

i greatly aprecait ( cant spell that word and the spell checker didnt fix it :P) what these email groups do for every one involed and how well they share the knowledge thats essential to the human race and society

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