Re: pillow dome

Was listed in the Home - Building Kit Catalog, Mike McClintock, 1985,
"Aluminum Geodesic Spheres" Hollywood FL, (305) 625-9436
along with other dome builders
Daystar Shelter Corp. Bethel MN
Dome Creations Las Vegas NV
Domes America Clarendon Hills IL
Domiciles Inc Numa IA
Geodesic Domes Inc. Davison MI
Geodesic Homes Bailey CO
Monterey Domes Riverside CA
Natural Spaces and Timbeline.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 7:34 AM
Subject: pillow dome

> if you all remember i was looking for a specfic frame system for a
> pillow dome. well i found it finaly now i just need to find the
> heres 2 pictures of the system, if you can see it has grooves in it to
> just slide the pillow in to place, because (in theroy) the only pressure
> should be on the out side the pillow wont even have to be secured
> anymore then a snug fit. so if a pillow pops you climb the side and pull
> it out and put another one in
> best system i have come across for ease of use



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