Re: Construction of first sphere

	Well, I finally decided to contribute.  I'm curious about a couple
things about regulating the Fe+3 concentrations.  I know that the tolerance
of the average human is 0.3 ppm of Fe+3 in drinking water, I'm curious if
anyone knows the LD50, etc for fish.  My only concern is that the reaction
process may go too quickly and cause a local saturation of Fe+3 which may go
beyond the tolerance of fish that may wander too close to the experiment.
But I guess this solely depends on the amount of scrap that is placed
near/in the spheres.

	My other concern is that Fe2O3 will be produced and deposit on the
scrap metals reducing current flow.  Some sort of process will have to be
made to monitor the scrap metal and watch for this so the 'rust' may be
removed to maximize the use of the scrap.

	I really like the ideas that I see coming out of here.  I'm not all
that experienced in the actual functioning on the project of yet, but I'm
catching on.  But I'll put in my two bits here and there...  Something I can
actually apply my recently obtained Chemistry degree to I guess... heheheh

				Bill Marsh BSc.
				bmarsh at gpu dot srv dot ualberta dot ca
				bmarsh at v-wave dot com
				University of Alberta
				Edmonton, Alberta

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