RE: Spirulina production

You can grow spirulina indoors or outdoors, in a closed or open system.
There's a book called "Spirulina : Production & Potential" ISBN 2 85744 853
X. ( Spirulina grow tips:

But sufficient spirulina is easily obtainable in powder form.

See for info on purchasing a sprout house and a kefir
maker ( a more nutritional yogurt-like pro-biotic). These are
nutritionally-dense foods as well.

I would farm for self-sustenance because I could do other things better for


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> >Is home production of spirulina practical, and if not, what needs
> >to be done to make it practical?
> For more information on this, see _Sailing the Farm_, by Kenneth
> Neuemeyer (sp?).  Its a book about adding food production to the
> live-aboard boating lifestyle. (Although it often reads like a rant
> about a raw foods diet).  He discusses Spirulina, and it sounds very
> easy to make.
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> Subject: Farming Decisions
>      I hear much talk about agriculture in seasteads but very
> little about
> what you would actually grow. As I figure it there are two
> strategies for a
> farmer on a seastead. Either farm for maximum profit or for being self
> sustaining.
>      If you are farming for profit you would want to be anchored in the
> tropics due to the number of luxury goods produced there. Coco, coffee,
> sugarcane, tea, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, allspice, pepper, and
> many other plant-based products are grown in the tropics and subtropics.
>      If you are farming for being self sustaining the horse
> latitudes are a
> good place to be anchored. Corn, rice, many common vegetables, and many
> grains all are grown around here.
>      Colder waters are best left for fishing. Too many problems
> are inherent
> to this climate to make farming worthwhile.

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